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Primero Aviation prides itself in manufacturing and supplying aerospace products that are top of the line and made of the highest quality imaginable. When you hover over our product link, there will be a drop down menu with different product choices. These are the main products that we manufacture or supply to our clients. The products include bearings, bushings, electrical components, tools, equipment, and fasteners. Many of our products are in fact manufactured by other companies like Korry Electronics, Fairchild, Huck, and ATI Industries. We partner with these companies in order to expand our inventory and to make available as many products as possible to our clients.

            When it comes to tools and equipment, Primero Aviation knows how much they can be a necessity to the supply chain of an organization. These aircraft tools have been used in many major maintenance programs and by many reputable aircraft companies. The bearings and bushings are suitable for aerospace applications as well as industrial and medical applications as well. Installation tools can be provided in case you don’t have these tools available for installing them in your application.

As for our electronic components, we are proud to have made our electronic components available at affordable prices that are competitive with others in the aviation industry. These electronic components include connectors, switches, tubing, lighting products, and more. Lastly, the fasteners of our inventory get manufactured by dozens of other companies. The types of fasteners we have include blind rivets, blind bolts, bolts, brackets, collars, cable ties, clamps, composite hardware, filters, fittings, gang channels, hinges, hoses, inserts, locknuts, pin systems, ¼ turn locks, rings, screws, solid rivets, spacers, studs, and washers.

One of our biggest passions is to improve our manufacturing and to deliver world class products that are priced competitively and delivered on time to our customers. Our wide network of manufacturing partners is what enables us to do this. The products that we list in our inventory are just as important as the list of manufacturers we have on our website. Both of these lists have to contain high-quality sources in order for us to maintain customer satisfaction.  Every manufacturer who supplies us with inventory is screened for quality and assurance.

If you have any questions about our products or if you would like to inquire about custom products not found in our inventory then use the Contact link on the top of the page to send us an email. We will respond back within 48 hours. 

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