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Primero Aviation is a business-to-business, or B2B, manufacturer, and supplier. Many of our clients are manufacturers or repair centers in the aviation industry as well. The parts and components we create are what go into the products produced  or repaired by these companies. We are honored to have worked with and represented some of the top manufacturing companies in the aviation industry. Some of these companies include Amphenol Aerospace, ACSS, Eaton Aeroquip, EMTEQ, Aurora Bearing Company, TE Connectivity, ATI Tools, Korry, and Click Bond. They all play an important manufacturing role in the aviation industry. Primero Aviation provides these companies with supply chain management services which ensure they get the parts needed to satisfy their supply chains in order to sustain productivity within their organization.

Due to our large vendor base, our inventory is filled with thousands of products at all times. These products include fasteners, ball bearings, angular contacts, miniature bearings, medical bearings, aviation instrument bearings, dental bearings, needle bearings, staking tool, track & cam follower, airframe control, spherical bearings, and bushings. As you can see, we are able to fulfill virtually any order that our clients give to us because we have the parts and components available to ship on demand. And if by some off chance we don’t have the parts available that you want, we will do our best to custom manufacture one for you. That is how committed we are to customer satisfaction. There aren’t too many supply chain management service providers who will do the same. So you are better putting your faith and trust into Primero Aviation.

If you own an aviation-based manufacturing company  and would like to do business with us and possibly get your name added to our line cards, then feel free to contact us with information about your business. Just click on the “Contact” link on the top of the page and you will get all of our contact information including address, email, phone number, and even a Google Map of our location. If we weren’t a legitimate company then we wouldn’t be providing all of this information to you. So you can be sure that we are the real deal and that we want to do business with another manufacturing company that is just as trustworthy. If that company is yours then we look forward to forming a long-term business relationship with you. Aviation is a rewarding industry and requires the very best in both manufacturing and customer satisfaction.

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