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Primero Aviation not only manufactures custom parts and components, but we also have an inventory of parts available for purchase at any time. Our current product inventory list is available on a spreadsheet that comes in Microsoft Excel format. This list is consistently updated every week with the newest additions and subtractions to our inventory. Make sure you check back here each week to download the updated list so you don’t fall behind in your records. If you still don’t see the specific part or component you are looking for, then feel free to contact us by going to the “Contact” link at the top of every page. This will bring you to a page which maps out our physical location and gives you our phone number and email address. You can use either method of contact to inquire about the product you wish to have supplied to you. Since we offer custom manufacturing services, then chances are we will be able to make the product that will satisfy your particular supply chain management needs.

On this inventory page, you will see two files available to download. The first file is the Primero Inventory Stock list. This is the most recent list of all the products we currently have available in our inventory. The second file on the page is Korry Items. The name “Korry” refers to Korry Electronics. They are one of our manufacturing partners which specialize in Human Machine Interface solutions. They were the company that created the first lighted cockpit controls for military and commercial aircrafts. On our Korry Inventory list, it will show all of the products made by Korry Electronics that we currently have in our inventory. The kinds of products they create include knobs, quick switches, and indicators.

If you have trouble opening the document because you don’t have Microsoft Excel, don’t worry because there are plenty of free spreadsheet tools available to download from the internet that allows you to open XLSX files. is one website where you can go to get this kind of software. It is free and won’t take up very much space on your hard drive. Once the software is installed, you will be able to view the inventory list on the spreadsheet with no problems. If you have any questions about this or about our inventory in general then contact us and we will help you out with whatever you need.

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